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In good old days, Creative Thinking is referred to Advertising Agencies.

Now, in the age of disruption and innovation – this creative thinking is been adopted by almost all of the organisation irrespective of their size and nature of the business. Also, known as Design Thinking, this tool and methodology help business in many ways from process optimisation to ideating on the new product offerings, new technology adoptions etc.

We help in facilitating these creative thinking workshops with open source methodologies and practices from LUMA Institute, IDEO and MIT to help our clients.

After Creative Thinking, we take our clients to prototyping phase helping them visualise, feel and test it among their audience to understand and refine their prototype to next phase of product. This approach has helped business to significantly cut down their build production time.

Retail Industry

Case Study: How a leading Canadian Shoe retailer, personalized experience for its users?

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Travel & Tourism Industry

Case Study: How a Travel Agency Digitally Transformed their business?

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IT Industry

Case Study: How a Growing Information Technology Company optimized their IT infrastructure & got ready for growth?

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