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Digital Audits by UberBrains is created to help business to keep a regular check on them, as the rules and guidelines kept on changing by various digital business, industrial, and geographical associations.

In the last 15 years, we have observed many changes in the industry.

Few prominent ones were Google changing their Search Algorithms and criteria’s for better ranking. Which have impacted many businesses which were capitalizing on and dominating the pre-update era. Many of the business has been blacklisted by Google overnight due to this change. Some of them even have to shut-down their operations or have to revamp their entire site all over again from the scratch. And its again going to happen in the end of year

Another similar example was from EU – which has passed a cookie law disclaimer which needs to be shown to the user when they visit the respective business website operating in Europe. Many businesses got impacted by these small change from fortune 500 to small businesses. Everybody had to ensure if their website is compliant or not as per the EU’s Cookie Law guidelines. For a Large-scale retailer or business, the impact was humongous.

And now the GDPR law compliance, which applies to all the companies that collect and process data belonging to EU (European Union) citizens. This have made many companies at the back seat, some even stop serving to EU countries.

UberBrains, constantly keep checking on the industry update and keep our clients informed about the predictive impact of such developments, and solution to overcome these and keep them in the leading position of the popular search rankings.

Online Business Audit

We conduct audits on the online businesses in regards to the industry compliance.

Technology Audit

Whether business is using latest security updates or still working in the legacy systems & keeping their customers & brand reputation at risk.

ROI Audit

Does the business is making sufficient steps to sustain the business or are there any leaks which are impacting their performance.

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